About Onikoyi

The name Onikoyi was given to me by my grandmother. I am a multi-generation American, but the name is West African. My Ma’dear never explained why she gave me an English first name, Nigel, and an African middle name, Onikoyi. I can only assume she recognized duality at my birth. I am a complicated individual; however, I tend to blame my complexity on my simplicity… Go figure. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, now known as South Los Angeles because of political pressures from an unnamed university in the region, I write my poetry from the perspective of the love, joy, fears, and tears I experienced growing up. I enjoy expressing myself using the verbal freedom offered by poetry, yet I am not a spoken-word artist. I prefer to communicate my thoughts primarily through written channels. I am working on more performances and have a huge respect for the spoken-word artist. I have decided to start writing to share my thoughts about life from a darker perspective; Nigel is defined as black or dark hence the subtitle of Resurrecting Poetry, life from a darker perspective, coming out in the near future. Furthermore, I aspire to develop new relationships with others who love poetry. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to nurturing a lasting relationship with you as the days become years. In closing this brief introduction I leave you with this thought on poetry.

Poetry is more than a string of words rhythmically strung together. Poetry is sharing ones deepest thought, emotions, and insecurities with the world as an art form. Poetry is life chiseled out with a pen and paper-SCREAMING embrace me for all that I am and all that I am not, without judgment. I am poetry!


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