Gnothi seauton (γνῶθι σεαυτόν) By Onikoyi

Gnothi seauton, (γνῶθι σεαυτόν) pronounced: Na-thee/Sal-(ah)-ton means know thy shelf in Greek.

Meditation 2

Self-critique has chosen to visit me,

Studying what permits yours truly to be,

A Journey,

That moment when you look into the mirror an actual see your own reflection.

More than the image you have painted to appease your own ideology of self

No, just you utterly nude without the cloak of shame, vanity, or false impressions

That moment of clarity that allows you to see yourself soberly.

Your emotions lay aside,

Your ego kept in check,

All the bullshit you claim set to rest.

It’s merely you naked in front of the reflective-metal

Covered in well-polished glass

Only milliseconds in your past

Boomeranging your image as if new,

It stares unflinchingly back at you,

Hmm, you finally witness self-truth.

You see self-striped of falsehoods, achievements, and failures alike,

You see the merging of wrong and right, day and night, a blend that becomes the story of your life.

You can fully perceive that which stands in front of you

More importantly, you can begin to accept you for you, acknowledging that the enigma resides within the delicate truce.

You begin,

Begin to allow your heart to be vulnerable, honest, and pure

Begin to allow your contemplation’s to rise up and soar

Even as they cause the greatest of pains and claim’s all the strength you have left in you to maintain,

You’re Sanity!

You can see your pupils dilate and receive everything without filter; all of who you are and all that you are not.

A bombardment of memories and dreams nonstop

Feeling like an attack on the senses, your fragility and frailties stand as an equal to their opposite’s in this moment

We shall call this a self-assessment,

As it offers an erratic atonement

There is nothing special about you, you are bone in, and skin out; sandwiched together to hold in blood and flesh.

You are tested but not proven; oxymoronic partners,

You equally pass and fail this test

You are questioned, yet have no answers

You stand gazing beyond the physical body

and realize what it embodies

You alas see yourself as you truly are and your soul becomes heavy

Heavy with the weight of understanding and acceptance

You embrace the bevy of questions exploding like a bomb

Breaking the shackles of the enlightened sequence of events

You are!

You will continue!

You will!

Will in the paradox as fact and fiction collide with shame and pride?

You are complete with both positives and negatives balancing out your life like neutrons and electrons gravitating towards one and other

Yet keeping at an unchecked distance

Parallels of biblical brothers

Holding Adam to atom,

“What is matter?”

You matter,

For from your nucleus this epiphany causes the thought process to vibrate at such a rate,

The revelation resembles a meditative state

You contemplate fate,

For seeing self without the guards of conscious awareness allows you to tap into your id;

You once again become the courageous kid,

Fearless and bold standing before God as the being, in which you were created to be,


Free of self-pity, and worldly influence,

You can only now be washed in liberty.

The brainwashing of the past has at last passed.

You can now grasp the complex task

And start anew,

Because you have viewed, “Truth”

You have seen what few have,

You have seen you,

Naked and unafraid

You have peered at your soul,

Dark and pure as the Ace of Spades,

Cleansed with the hope,

Of self-growth

That can only be captured in honesty

You know that first there was darkness and cling onto it like you never have before.

You are no longer tore;

Between “what am I here for”

And the earthly desires of more.

For just like mother earth, your light is tucked deep within your core,

And only upon close examination, can it be explored.

You see, therefore you can,

And hence you evolve beyond that

Of the mental, religions, and emotional bondage’s of man

All Rights Reserved ©2015 Nigel Holly



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