Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Today can stand for intimacy

And tomorrow for shear sensuality

Though yesterday was merely influence

Today can stand for morality

Yet if love remains true

Than our lust is not a sin

For together we shall age

If only today we can begin

Let’s forget about our yesterdays

As we spend our present exploring sensations

The future is for us to grow

But today let’s give into temptation

Our past is full of many memories

Some we do not care to reflect upon

So on this day let us summit to our passions

By embracing the other and becoming one

We can make time stand still

Inter-locked in each other’s arms

As we seduce and tease the other

And surrender to our hearts alarm

Our endeavors are lost in loves quest

As we conform to loves will

While it’s abyss engulf us completely

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow for us can never be real

Nigel Holly 2000, © All Rights Reserved


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